NEW IN! Between Fiction and Reality!

This entire year has been rough for many of us. With social distancing and isolation, nowhere to go, and not much to do for entertainment, it was one of the loneliest.
But when we take the time to go outdoors and connect with the world around us, I see that we can always find a companion in mother nature. She’ll wrap you in warmth and give you the courage to face a new day.

Around "Fiction and Reality", we launched the "Sleeping Beauty" series and the flower photography "Earthly Flower, Heavenly Colors" series, to convey the beauty and truth that we believe and stick to.
Sleeping Beaut:
Sleeping Beauty was born, the queen invited the fairy tribe to a feast, except the evil fairy Karabos. So she came uninvited with the curse "the princess will die at 16" as a gift.

Fortunately, the lilac fairy didn't offer a blessing, she put Karabos's curse to ease. The princess will not die, but she would still sleep until someone came to offer her a true love kiss, and she would wake up.
When the princess was sixteen years old, the curse came true and the princess slept in the forest, surrounded by vines and thorns that became the curtain tent of her bed.

Years passed until one day, a young prince honor the fairy's blessing and woke the princess with a kiss. All the people in the castle woke up. From then on, the prince and princess lived a happy life.
The emphasis on space and emptiness highlights the blossoming flowers in their most intimate stages of growth. These arresting floral portraits are timeless because they capture life’s fleeting and cherished moments.

This idea of capturing the transitory essence of nature harks back to the ancient Japanese principle of wabi-sabi - a set of beliefs that address the imperfection and impermanence of all life. We explore what makes them so moving: the recognition that their beauty is fleeting.

You Are Not Alone
Remember, we all feel lonely at times. All of us, at some point or other during this coronavirus pandemic, will feel cut off from our loved ones.
However, CASETIC wants everyone to believe that we are still surrounded by love and beauty, we just keep our distance for love, but love never leaves.

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Special Pampering Fan Event:
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Hope you can feel the warmth and beauty through our cases! Use and share CASETIC cases feedback to promote our better growth and development.
Finally, thank you for your love and tolerance; wish we can be together for a long time!

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