"Twelve Constellations" is online, find your special star cluster!

What is the constellation?

The sign is a totem between the constellation and the person, interpreting the meaning and transmitting the energy of the constellation. Do you want to know what your signs are? Find your specific star cluster in one Casetic iPhone case!

Chose "Twelve Constellations" as the theme, not only because of the charm of the starry sky but also because of the mysterious power of the constellations pulling us, allowing us to meet because of unspeakable fate.

The three series of this theme are all around "Twelve Constellations", including the “Mysterious Starry Sky” series, "Black & White Graffiti" series, and "Grotesque Illustration" series.
Mysterious Starry Sky:
The twelve constellations are our lost self in the stars.
In order to express this feeling that is both mysterious and publicity, this series uses black as the base, gold as the main color, and auxiliary use of mysterious purple and gentle blue.

The pattern elements adopt constellation elements, including characters, animals, and equipment, which express the characteristics of different constellations.
The decorative elements adopt the sun, moon, and stars to express the vast starry sky and create a mysterious atmosphere.
Black & White Graffiti Series:
If you’re interested in graffiti, then the black and white graffiti phone cover series is the best choice for you.

The theme revolves around mixing graffiti with constellation symbols and names, in a white and black texture. Even though the concept is simple; however, the design team behind this concept has made it inspiring enough to become the center of attraction.
Grotesque Illustration Series:
Grotesque is a unique art that’s appealing because of the complex yet alluring illustrations.

One of the amazing things about this design is that the projections feel real as if one is truly connected with their constellation sign/ star. Moreover, it also has the sensory touch that makes one feel comfortable while holding their smartphone.

Find What Moves You

We are full of expectations for the launch of "Twelve Constellations" and hope to bring you a different experience.
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Limited Time Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Christmas is love-sharing, we offer you an exclusive Christmas gift with the theme of "twelve constellations". Buy 1 get 1 free!
"One for each person, and feelings will never go away" whether it is a friend, a sister, or a couple, the "Twelve Constellation Theme" phone case is an exclusive pairing method between you.

We hope that everyone can use and share our cases and give feedback to promote our better growth and development.
Finally, CASETIC thank you for your love and tolerance; I hope we can accompany each other for a long time!

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